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Spectra Energy Corp. Market risk management pdf (NYSE:SE), with 2.46% gains in previous 5 sessions, is under coverage of 13 analysts who collectively assign a hold rating on stock. Market risk premium 2016 5 of the brokerages firms have a buy or better rating; the 0 sells versus 0 underperforms. Risk of stock market crash The 10 stock analysts who cover the stock have an average PT at $42.2, with individual targets in the range of $37 to $55. Market risk premium today The shares ended last trade at $43.33, implying that Wall Street analysts see shares losing about -2.61 per cent in 12 months’ time.

Insider Trading News: Insiders at the company look pessimistic about the outlook as they seem to offload shares while they have 88.04 jumped so far this year. Market risk example A Chief

Administrative Officer at Spectra Energy Corp. Credit risk market risk (SE) sold shares in a trading activity completed on Tuesday August 09, 2016. What is market risk Ables Dorothy M offloaded 33,400 shares in the company at a per-share price of $36.25 and ended up generating $1,210,750 in proceeds. Emerging market risk Ables Dorothy M retains 133,596 shares in the stock after this transaction. Market risk premium nyu A Chief Development Officer in the company, Buckley Guy G., on Wednesday March 02, 2016 collected $620,550 from the sale of 21,100 shares at a per-share price of $36.25. Market risk premium 2012 Insiders are expected to have better knowledge about the health and prospects of their company, which is why insiders’ move deserves attention.

Investors interested in trading SE stock at the current market price of $43.33/share should know the company will next release quarterly results for the September 2016 quarter. What is the current market risk premium For the reporting quarter, equity analysts expect the stock to deliver $0.26 in earnings per share (EPS). Market risk analyst That would represent a 13.04 per cent year-over-year increase. Beta market risk Revenue for the same quarter is predicted to arrive at $1.15B.

Historical Quarterly Earnings: Last quarter, Spectra Energy Corp. Risk analysis in stock market generated nearly $1.16B in sales and net income of $0.24/share. Market risk premium calculator That compares with the mean forecast $1.26B and $0.26/share, respectively. What is the market risk premium today For the prior quarter revenue for the stock hit $1.38B, with EPS at $0.35.

Argus is following shares of Spectra Energy Corp. Market risk premium s&p 500 (SE), so its rating change is noteworthy. Market risk factors The company stock was downgraded to Hold from Buy, wrote analysts at Argus, in a research note issued to clients on Monday September 26, 2016. Stock market risk There was another key research note provided by UBS on Monday September 12, 2016. Global risks 2016 The firm lowered its rating on SE from Buy to Neutral.

Price Potential: Even though the stock has posted 1.17% rise in value, its new closing price reflects a -1.52% fall in value from company’s one year high of $44. Ibbotson market risk premium 2015 The stock is currently holding above its 50-day SMA of $41.75 and above its 200-day SMA of $35.69. Current market risk premium 2016 Over the last 3 months and over the last 6 months, the shares of Spectra Energy Corp. Market risk premium australia 2015 (SE), have changed 20.35% and 43.76%, respectively.