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“The state constitution specifically gives the legislature the power to define what is – and what is not – gambling, and the legislature has done so a number of times in the past and long before the emergence of fantasy sports. How we can earn money online at home The Attorney General, who certainly has had some strong opinions about fantasy sports, has clearly stated he will enforce and defend this new law. How can you make money online with 1000 naira This is a layup – they have no case.”

Below is some background you can attribute to me/the companies. How can i make extra money online for free Please give it a quick read if you can. Make money online daily payout Additionally, important to note that Stop Predatory Gambling and their attorney incorrectly stated the Attorney General said fantasy sports was illegal

“under the constitution” – that is NOT correct. How to make a little extra money online The Attorney General filed suit against the fantasy operators based on the definitions in New York State law (penal code 225) at the time, not the constitution. How to earn money online for free fast in india That law, which legislature passed years ago, has now been amended by the legislature, which they have the power to do, thus the AG said on multiple occasions that he will “enforce and defend” the new law as it was an appropriate action by the legislature.

• But the constitution does not define gambling, instead the constitution specifically directs the Legislature to decide what falls within the definition of gambling.

• So while Constitution prohibits “gambling,” apart from identified state-approved exceptions, it recognizes the need for definition of what constitutes gambling and expressly delegates definitional and implementation authority to the Legislature.

• In the new fantasy law, the legislature simply added to their own the definition in Penal Code 225, clarifying that fantasy sports do not fall within the definition of gambling in New York State.

• The power the constitution gives the legislature here is not unique. How can i make online money free The state constitution gives the legislature similar power to define terms or activities in other areas.

• For example, the state constitution, requires the Legislature to “enact laws excluding from the right of suffrage all persons convicted of . . . Can you cash a money order online any infamous crime.”

• The constitutional language empowers the Legislature to determine what is an “infamous” crime and how long a convicted person will be ineligible to vote, and the legislature, using its power provided by the constitution, recently made a change to what defines an “infamous crime” by restoring voting rights for some convicted New Yorkers. Make money online with google adsense (citation)

• The Legislature has long exercised this same role in defining what conduct is (and is not) gambling. How to make some money fast online For example, the Legislature has excluded certain social games from the penal law, so New Yorkers who play in friendly card games or private contests are not criminals. How can you make money online from home (citation)

• The Legislature also has established that investing or other market activities are not gambling, even though they involve staking money on uncontrollable events.

• These choices all fall within the authority the constitution expressly gives the Legislature and the same is true for the new fantasy sports legislation.

• The Legislature was well within its authority to enact a statute that, like federal law and the laws of a number of other states, makes clear that fantasy sports are not a prohibited gambling activity.

[N]o lottery or the sale of lottery tickets, pool-selling, book-making, or any other kind of gambling, except lotteries operated by the state and the sale of lottery tickets in connection therewith as may be authorized and prescribed by the legislature, the net proceeds of which shall be applied exclusively to or in aid or support of education in this state as the legislature may prescribe, except pari-mutuel betting on horse races as may be prescribed by the legislature and from which the state shall derive a reasonable revenue for the support of government, and except casino gambling at no more than seven facilities as authorized and prescribed by the legislature shall hereafter be authorized or allowed within this state; and the legislature shall pass appropriate laws to prevent offenses against any of the provisions of this section. How to make a website and earn extra money online (Emphasis added.)