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Matthew, building to Category Four at this writing, apparently will be raking the eastern coast of Florida with a ferocity like few others. 40th birthday quotes for wife And instead of steering out to sea and riding that warm Gulf Stream north as eastern seaboard hurricanes often do, this one is projected to brush the northeastern Florida barrier island my family calls home.

We’ve been in the path of these nuisances once before. Quotes about a good school Years ago, a low-grade storm washed over Tallahassee, the forested town where we lived for many years, while we were away from home. Funny good morning quotes for facebook We returned to find several Southern pines, their shallow roots easy picking for a big blow, laying in a circle around our unscathed house in the woods.

Stationed in Tallahassee,

as longtime chief of The Miami Herald’s state capital bureau, I represented a sort of forward operating base for storm chases across the northern Gulf of Mexico coast. Daily inspirational quotes for workplace My mission: Get ahead of them, seek shelter – preferably on the second floor of a motel, always simple because they’d been vacated – and wait. Quotes good day There was a certain skill in selecting one’s lair before the landfall.

My first journey carried me to Lafitte, Louisiana. Happy birthday quotes for wife funny Hurricane Juan had barreled up the Gulf in the fall of 1985, sinking an offshore oil platform and leaving several people dead or injured. Wishing you a good day quotes This time, I’d arrived in the near aftermath, on deadline, only to find flooded streets and a graveyard where mausoleums had flooded with water and sealed coffins where bobbing on the floodwaters. Funny good morning quotes for facebook status It was good enough to grab a quote and a dateline, file for the mid-afternoon edition of the newspaper known as “Street” and head north to New Orleans for an early dinner.

At K Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, they had a policy of filling every seat. Good day quotes for him A party of two waited in line for another party of two before taking a table of four. Quotes about a good day This party of one waited for a party of three, which arrived in the personage of a chip salesman, his wife and child – potato chips, that is. Good morning love quotes for her tagalog He was the regional rep for a well-known brand in Syracuse, New York. Quotes for the day tagalog We struck up a ready conversation about newspapers and potato chips, and the three of them watched in amazement as I sampled nearly everything on the menu and topped it off with a fat slice of sweet potato pecan pie and a cognac. Best wishes quotes for first day of school These were the days of expense accounts.

In the morning, Florida Gov. Motivational quotes to start your day Lawton Chiles and U.S. Funny birthday quotes for wife from husband Sen. Have a good day quotes for wife Bob Graham boarded a small state plane in Tallahassee. Positive good day quotes At first, there was a question about an available seat for this reporter. Mothers day quotes in hindi I explained in no uncertain terms: “The Miami Herald is getting on this plane.” We flew along the black back wall of Andrew as it lumbered west out toward the Gulf. Funny good morning quotes from movies We landed at Opa-locka to board two Blackhawk helicopters. Quotes about having a bad day Strapped in at the shoulders and waist, we flew open-doored for a long low-altitude survey of Homestead, a long landscape of ripped-off roofs and homes reduced to rubble. Bible verse about having a bad day As we swung around, the brick-sized Motorola cell phone I was using to dictate observations to the Herald fell on the floor of the chopper. Positive quotes for a good day Unable to bend down, I worried that some poor homeless hurricane victim below was about to take a falling brick on his head. Have a great day quotes for her A National Guardsman lifted the phone with his feet and returned it to me. Quotes of the day tumblr One of the more startling scenes as we circled north along Biscayne Bay was the sight of seagrass on the bed of the bay all laying in one direction, the same direction that the fallen Australian pines of southern Key Biscayne were pointing. Inspirational quotes to start the day at work We slept in a hotel without power, light or air – the windows sealed on a steamy summer night.

The next morning, we flew back to Homestead for a ground-level survey, trudging through the wreckage of people’s homes, not only the roofs, but also walls gone. Good day quotes in hindi It remains the worst hurricane I’ve ever witnessed – though I had missed its actual onslaught. Everyday is a good day quotes This was one of those times I was fortunate not to get ahead of it.

My experience was earning me some creds in disaster reporting. Quotes about good work ethic I’d made good personal contacts with some of the many good people who work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is not a bureaucracy so much as a posse that stands up local help when trouble arrives. Good quotes to start the day When trouble arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1997, I was summoned to town. Bible verse for a bad day at work The Red River, in a surge of 100-year flooding, had breached the dikes and inundated Grand Forks. Bible verse new day dawning Downtown, buildings not only flooded but also burned to the ground – including the local paper, the Herald, a sister paper of mine in the Knight Ridder family.

A swarm of editors and reporters from around the country arrived in Grand Forks to publish a paper whose staff was literally underwater, their lives devastated. Having a good day quotes We were publishing from the computer lab of a little school up the road, a roomful of old Macs and actual floppy disks. Positive quotes to start your day We emailed our work to another sister paper in St. Funny good morning quotes tumblr Paul, Minnesota, which printed it before its own went to press, and trucked it back to Grand Forks. Quotes for having a good day I was asked to work the disaster forces at FEMA. Inspirational quotes to start your day off But my own state editor, who’d arrived before me, pulled me aside for one special assignment: “I want you to find out who this ‘Angel’ is.”

I headed west in a rental car – one never takes one’s own into a storm. Inspirational quotes for someone having a bad day As I drove toward New Orleans, I received a call that Georges was shifting eastward toward Biloxi, and New Orleans should be clear. Inspirational quotes for a new day Trouble was, one of our photographers had been stranded there and needed a way out. Day quotes for her I drove on. Bible verses to have a good day As I started crossing the causeway at the eastern approach to the city, water was rising in the roadway. Positive quotes to start a day Soon I was having trouble seeing the road ahead. Inspirational quotes to start your day I backed up and made a wide loop over the top of Lake Pontchartrain and approached the city from the west. Quotes to wish someone a good day Police officers at a blockade stopped me and warned that I couldn’t continue. Inspirational quotes to start the day I explained that I was rescuing a photographer, a colleague, a woman alone without transportation there, and that we needed to get to Biloxi.

By the time Georges landed at Biloxi, it was significantly weakened. Bible verses for a good day at work But it had knocked the power out, and we traveling Herald reporters and photographers were asked to stay for a few days and help the Sun-Herald publish. Inspirational quotes about having a great day No prize this time.

By the time a big one finally reached New Orleans, I had left The Herald and left Florida. Have a great day quotes for facebook But as the White House correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, I had the privilege of catching a ride to the Gulf Coast with President George W. Inspirational quotes for a great day Bush in the days after Hurricane Katrina, Cat 5, assaulted New Orleans and the coast, this time flattening Biloxi with its punch. Inspirational quotes for the workplace This was the “Heckuva job, Brownie” tour in which the president commended FEMA chief Michael D. Feel good quote of the day Brown for his response to the storm – a federal response that ultimately went down as the worst ever. Funny good morning quotes for friends We rode flatbed trucks through blocks of New Orleans – though not the worst-hit parts. Bible verses for a great day It seemed to me that the French Quarter looked pretty much as it might on any Saturday morning. Good morning love quotes for her We slept in rock-band tour-buses parked on a dock.

Katrina was the last big storm I’ve reported on – instead following up with assessments of how badly the federal response affected the presidency of the leader who first made a lonesome Air Force One flyover of the storm’s devastation before actually going for a first-hand look. Inspirational quotes for the day at work I even had a chance to catch up with Brown again to find him in Colorado, among other pursuits, working as a contractor with FEMA repairing cell phone towers downed by big storms. Motivational quotes of the day success This made for a pretty good story at The Tribune. Motivational quotes of the day The days of the pay phones and the rubber couplers are long gone. Bible verses for having a bad day “I probably, at any one time, have a half-dozen clients involved in different things having to do with homeland security or government in general,” Brown said in our interview. Inspirational quotes for a bad day “I am called corporate advisor. Good day motivational quotes Some places, I am called vice president for corporate relations. Quotes for the first day of school I am called all kinds of names.”