Dan hyde_ travel insurers really can be a cynical bunch…. so beware the traps they set _ this is money how to make quick money in kenya

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most firms now advertise millions of pounds of cover for unexpected medical bills, knowing full well that the likelihood of your submitting such a large claim is almost nil.

Behind this clever veneer, they hide nasty catches that — as 62-year-old retired teacher Marian Mortimer found — can leave you deeply out of pocket.

It could be a significant problem for many holidaymakers, as around half of the travel insurance policies listed on price comparison websites contain this snag if someone dies abroad.

You might argue travel insurance is there to cover only the individual named on the policy. Make a lot of money gta online And if that individual is no longer with us, then it is somehow less important.

If you fall ill and need emergency treatment, everyone

in the family benefits if the insurance covers the cost of getting you back on your feet.

You see this principle most clearly with life insurance, which pays out when the customer dies so the family can cover mortgage payments, inheritance taxes and funeral bills.

Sadly, between 3,000 and 4,000 Britons die abroad every year. How to actually make money online The only way to make sure their family is fairly treated in a time of tremendous emotional turmoil is for travel insurers to clean up the mess they’ve made of their travel policies.

They should get rid of the ‘repatriation costs’ clause in their contracts and simply include any such bills in the overall medical cover. How to make money online for real no scams The good news is that Avanti has now done this — albeit too late for Marian.

It’s hard to imagine the fear that Kim Kardashian must have felt while she was bound and robbed at gunpoint in a luxury apartment in Paris on Monday.

Ms Kardashian had earlier that night posted a picture on social media of her Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, estimated to be worth £3.5 million.

She’d been flaunting it for weeks to her millions of internet followers — and seemingly that’s what let the thieves know she had it with her in her plush Paris hotel.

But it would be worth someone reminding celebrities that any normal person who posts pictures of their expensive jewellery on Facebook or Twitter — and lets the world know exactly where they are — might face a struggle to win a payout on their insurance.

Aubrey Vickers, a former mayor of Eastbourne and chairman of the town’s council housing committee, says: ‘Money Mail data clearly demonstrates that the prime staple of the average family budget, housing (house prices), have multiplied by nearly 60 times over the period, while salaries have risen by a mere third of this, and other staples such as bread and milk are down in real terms.

‘All walks of life, whether old, young or working people, require homes. Make money online fast free Around the time of Money Mail’s inception, my Young Conservative friends and I throughout the country were calling for 300,000 homes per year to be built to address national needs, and they were. How to make money online for free The need and call for new homes remains the same today.’