Fed hike won’t have a big impact, em flows to go on_ loris centola, credit suisse – the economic times risk in stock market

The valuation of Indian market may not be compelling but India is still among the top three emerging markets due to strong economic growth and earnings, said Loris Centola, managing director at Credit Suisse International Wealth Management. Market risk career In an interview to Sanam Mirchandani, Zurich-based Centola said that emerging markets are unlikely to be hit significantly in the event of a rate hike by the US Federal Reserve in December as their current account balances have turned positive.

There are three scenarios. Equity risk premium australia 2015 The most likely scenario is that Hillary will win, Democrats will get a slight majority in the Senate and the House would remain Republican. Subject to market risk If that happens, in the short term, equities will rise, but not skyrocket, bonds will probably sell off a bit and dollar

will appreciate. Market risk management ppt In the second case, which is unlikely, Hillary would win and she would also win majority of the Senate and the House. Market risk analyst salary singapore In that case, there will be a rally in equities, sell-off in bonds and a rally in dollar.The third case would be where Donald Trump wins, which is a 20% probability. Global solutions network Then, there would be a sell-off in equities, treasury bond yields will go down, and dollar will be hit hard in the short term.

We expect the Fed to hike rates in December. Us market risk premium The minutes from the latest Federal Re serve meeting showed that we are moving towards a rate hike. Market liquidity risk management I don’t think that this will be seen as a massive negative signal by the markets. Market risk jobs singapore The trajectory of increases will not be aggressive.

The dollar started to appreciate recently because the Fed signalled a December rate hike. Market risk in banks The reason we are not seeing a massive depreciation in emerging markets’ forex is because current account balance of EMs in the last three years has gone from negative to positive. Global solutions group This means EMs are less vulnerable to outflows. Managing the risks of organizational accidents That is why I don’t think it (Fed rate hike) will have a massive impact. Market risk management in banks ppt Even the Fed doesn’t have any incentive to massively appreciate the dollar as they may not want to hurt their current account balance. Global solutions Emerging markets continue to grow faster than developed markets. Definition of stock market They are less vulnerable, their reserves look good, and interest rates are higher than developed markets, but lower given the growth they are experiencing. Market risk reporting I see inflows continuing into EMs.

Among EMs, we are positive on three markets -India, South Korea and Russia. Risk in stock market Valuation is not super compelling for the Indian market but among the big emerging markets, there is none which is growing like India, at 7.5%. Var market risk The view is positive also in terms of earnings growth. Market risk in banks ppt Basically, there is no earnings growth anywhere in the world, the earnings expectations from MSCI world this year is 12% and in the US, this will be the sixth quarter of negative earnings. Hotel risk management jobs India is still seeing growth.Themes like infrastructure investment will continue to fuel growth.

Over-owned markets can be a risk but there is a major correction in over-owned securities or asset classes when there is no reason to be excited. Market risk analyst jobs south africa At the moment, we are not seeing any evidence of a major risk.

We like the global infrastructure theme.There are clear cases of under investment in several countries including developed markets. Equity risk premium calculator We also like the information technology theme. Managing market risk Another theme we are playing is emerging market bonds. Market risk ppt In such a low interest rate environment, EM bonds do yield quite a lot. What is the market risk premium These are some themes that will occur in 2017.

There is no strong evidence that it will be systemic. Risk of stock market Of the 51 banks that were tested during the EU stress test, only six are below a certain threshold. Weather risk management jobs I don’t think it is a Lehman like situation as banks and companies have deleveraged a lot. Market risk policy But if a case like Deutsche comes again, there might be volatility in the financial sector.

Some central banks are reaching the limit. Market risk management in banks pdf The US has already come back to less accommodative policy. Market risk analysis pdf The central bank that is hitting the wall is the ECB. Australia market risk premium 2015 They have set limitations like not buying one-third of any issuer’s outstanding debt, so they will not be able to buy 80 billion euros a month for longer. Market risk pdf The ECB (European Central Bank) needs to change some keys, either go to 50% from one third or increase the pool of instruments they can buy. Market risk management policy Globally, the trend of easy monetary policies will not stop completely. What is market risk premium But I am seeing a trend of central banks moving from monetary policies to fiscal policies. What does a market risk analyst do It is very clear that monetary policies are losing effect. Current market risk premium s&p 500 More and more countries are talking about fiscal policies rather than monetary policies. Australian market risk premium Central banks have done what they had to do. Market risk premium The next trend would be of fiscal policies and infrastructure spending.

The worst is not over. How to reduce market risk Growth is not going to accelerate. What is current market risk premium The central government will not allow any crisis to happen because they can still inject a lot of liquidity. Market risk management pdf They have reserves in excess of $3 trillion. Market risk premium 2016 However, that doesn’t mean that if default rates will start rising, it won’t create market jitters.

Given the high liquidity and the fact that government bonds have such low yields, they are actually in quite high demand at this point, especially, the emerging market credit. Risk of stock market crash I don’t believe there would be a sell off. Market risk premium today We need to look at high growth and substantially rising inflation.

This is just the beginning of the political negotiations. Market risk example The economic data with some exceptions has been quite good since the Brexit vote. Credit risk market risk The FTSE is one of the best performing indices after June 23. What is market risk But now we will see the first set of negative effects as investments and real estate market have started to slow down and the pound has been weak. Emerging market risk I don’t think it will be the end of the world or a great recession but we are negative on European equities as there’s going to be some rock and roll.