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Few expected him to have a shot at Blunt’s seat. 40th birthday quotes for wife After a lengthy career in the House and a tenure as its Republican whip, Blunt was supposed to assume his rightful place in the Senate in 2010 and hold his spot there comfortably for the rest of his life. Quotes about a good school In his seven congressional races and one other Senate race, the closest general-election victory he’s ever posted was a 14-point rout. Funny good morning quotes for facebook But Blunt, a Chamber of Commerce Republican, found himself at distinct odds with the flavor of his party and its new squeeze, Donald Trump. Daily inspirational quotes for workplace By the end of 2015, Kander’s ability to stay in striking distance of Blunt earned him National Journal’s label of “trendy upset pick of 2016.”

State-level politics work a little differently. Quotes good day Last

Saturday morning, while the national political media focused exclusively on Donald Trump’s comments, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster gathered volunteers from local unions to canvass south St. Happy birthday quotes for wife funny Louis. Wishing you a good day quotes Dozens of working men and women clad in yellow shirts gathered at the Operating Engineers Local 148 hall to hear from local labor leaders, UFCW International President Marc Perrone, and ultimately from Koster himself for a pep rally ahead of a day of door knocking. Funny good morning quotes for facebook status A wood-paneled folding table was set up with donuts and pastries, along with coffee and nondairy creamer for Styrofoam cups. Good day quotes for him A vendor at the next table was selling political buttons for $3 apiece.

Koster’s opponent doesn’t have a neat political history of his own, and has drawn his own accusations of opportunism. Quotes about a good day Prior to this race Greitens had no history as a candidate for public office, though he did turn down a recruitment effort to run for the House in 2010—as a Democrat. Good morning love quotes for her tagalog “I am a conservative Republican, but I didn’t start out that way,” reads the opening sentence of his July 2015 Fox News opinion column, “Why I Am No Longer a Democrat.” Two months later, he would throw his hat into the Republican gubernatorial primary, a dirty, expensive race between four candidates that Greitens won with a modest 34.6 percent of the vote. Quotes for the day tagalog (Like Jason Kander, Greitens ran a gun-trick ad that went viral. Best wishes quotes for first day of school Unlike Jason Kander, Greitens blew shit up in his ad.)

These are strange words to hear from a fiscal conservative, but Missouri is a strange place now. Motivational quotes to start your day No longer a bellwether, it is tilting Republican by virtue of not really changing at all. Funny birthday quotes for wife from husband But the Democrats recruited candidates who are well-tailored to the state’s needs. Have a good day quotes for wife Kander, who served in Afghanistan, fits the profile of a charismatic, natural talent running against an insider at odds with the distinct outsider leading his party. Positive good day quotes Koster’s done time in both parties and knows how to speak to voters in each. Mothers day quotes in hindi It’s a reminder of that cliché that’s reasserting itself this cycle: Candidates matter. Funny good morning quotes from movies The ascendance of political science and data journalism in political coverage in recent years, and the belief that fundamentals like underlying economic conditions largely determine outcomes, haven’t so much been undermined this year as they’ve been tempered . Quotes about having a bad day Donald Trump potentially losing the presidential race by 10 points in an environment slightly more favorable to Republicans is the most glaring example of this. Bible verse about having a bad day It turns out this stuff isn’t just a matter of showing up.

Of course, allowing for Missouri’s weird electoral imperatives, both men also deploy a few carefully chosen apostasies—a balanced-budget amendment? fiscal conservatism from a fierce defender of collective-bargaining rights?—as a way of distancing themselves from the national Democratic Party. Positive quotes for a good day The near-total wipeout of conservative Democrats, aka “blue dogs,” from leadership during the Obama years has led some Democrats to give up hope on reclaiming those redder districts. Have a great day quotes for her A lot of progressives, frankly, were happy to see them go. Quotes of the day tumblr But a party that cedes dozens of governor’s seats, most state legislatures, and any chamber of Congress is a party that’s not really living up to its raison d’être. Inspirational quotes to start the day at work Democrats managed to elect a conservative governor in Louisiana, and the result was a Medicaid expansion that benefited hundreds of thousands of people. Good day quotes in hindi They’re worth it. Everyday is a good day quotes Blue dogs aren’t extinct; they’re just barking differently now.