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Timmins city council’s decision this week to commit $3.5 million dollars towards an eight-day international fireworks and music festival next summer is still very much a contentious issue.

A big portion of the community is buzzing with anticipation of who the musical acts will be and the benefits to local hospitality businesses, while others are concerned at the risk of taxpayer funds, and the optics of what transpired at city hall last Monday.

“This is another example of bringing matters to council at the eleventh hour, no time for public input. Subject to market risk Ridiculous, this didn’t have to be decided that night, the Mayor and the promoter both stated that. Market risk management ppt This doesn’t adhere to the Municipal Act and the city’s own policies in regards to transparency and accountability,” Councillor Rick Dubeau

told TimminsToday.

The matter was only made public the afternoon of the meeting. Market risk analyst salary singapore It was voted on and approved that night, with only two Councillors having any opposition.

“We first discussed it in-camera over a month ago. Global solutions network I don’t know why this past Monday was the first time we had public discussions. Us market risk premium I can say that I do not bring an item to council before I have my ducks-in-a-row and I can only stipulate that Mayor Black and others involved could have had key information yet defined before the last meeting,” he said.

Grzela also made reference that the $1 million dollar headlining musical acts that have been talked about this week might not have been at the top of the city’s list.

“I would have to confirm by looking at my in-camera meeting minutes, but I believe since our first performer didn’t work out, we had two in camera meetings,” he said.

“It was discussed in-camera, because possible conversations with artists was asked to council. Market liquidity risk management We were asked based on the names of the artists, and the dollars, if it was a consideration to continue looking into running this size of festival,’ she said, adding that ‘everything is bundled together.’

“It has probably been two or three months from the initial ask, if council was interested in moving forward in conversations based on a variety of artists. Market risk jobs singapore All was confidential knowledge because of conversations with promoters concerning possible tours, and artist costs,” she said.

Grzela said he was unaware if the presentation made by Mayor Steve Black and Niagara Falls fireworks promoter David Whysall last Monday had any market research behind it. Market risk in banks This was backed up by Rinaldo.

“No market research that I know of. Global solutions group We were presented with statistics and information about tickets sales, artists, costs, etcetera” she said.