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I started teaching by volunteering at many kampung’s to teach English to children at the age of 16, then I got involved with the Harvest Center which is an organisation that provides teaching and teaching materials to a wide age range of children. Currency converter myr to usd I attained an A* for English Literature, my personal experience with learning and preparing for exams is so useful as I know what it felt like and can provide strategies and tips in order to make sure your child achieves their full potential. Malaysia currency to us Tutoring Approach

Choosing to study Educational Psychology in my Psychology course has provided me with a deep insight into the many different ways that children learn and the many different ways that teachers can teach. China currency rate to us dollar I believe in tailoring teaching method’s to the need of the student

and that this will not only encourage the learning but also it makes the whole process easier for the student. Malaysian currency value Therefore I will use testing methods to determine your child’s learning methods and employ teaching strategies that would complement their innate learning style.

In regards to examinations, my recipe is a combination of lots of practice mock exam exercises and solid knowledge of the subject at hand. What is currency in malaysia I believe that anyone can achieve better if they really want to and put in the effort, what I am offering is to be a catalyst and speed up the learning and drive up the grades!

I have extensive tutoring experience with secondary school and junior college students (aged between 13 to 19) in Singapore. Euro dollar exchange rate to ringgit malaysia I try to tailor my lessons to suit the learning styles of each individual student.

I am able to offer my tutoring services for standardised tests (such as the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, etc.). Malaysia currency vs us dollar I obtained a score above average in both the SAT and TOEFL, and would love to empower more fellow Malaysian students to reach their potential in these tests. Singapore currency symbol (Do inquire for more details!) Tutoring Approach

I believe that every student is unique and requires a different tutoring approach. What is the currency in malaysia In general, I am open to exploring different options for different learners, and am willing to modify my teaching methods to adapt to the needs of each student. Today rate of malaysian currency I am able, for example, to conduct lessons that are either hands-on/practical, or more theoretical and text-based, depending on the student.