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The Marshfield Historical Society is working toward getting the old Winslow Schoolhouse on the National Register of historical places, and restored parts of the building to be more historically accurate.

The $38,360 project, which was approved through 2015 Town Meeting, was paid for through Community Preservation Act funds, said Tim Davidson, Marshfield Historical Society Board of Directors member.

About $16,000 of that went toward structural repairs, like putting fabric layer under the floors to prevent moisture from getting in, and removing and repairing some clapboards, where a small portion of the wood underneath began to rot.

The schoolhouse was first built in 1857 and was used as the town’s school for students from first grade to eighth grade, Davidson said. Philippines currency vs us dollar The building has two doors, with small lobbies, because the boys and girls

would enter the school from different paces so they could tidy themselves up before they went into the classroom together, he said.

In 1976, the town put money into replacing parts of the building, like the shutters and doors, but they used modern materials on the building, Davidson said. Chinese currency vs american dollar The building was used as storage for the Historical Society for years, but now that storage is placed in the Marcia Thomas house nearby, and the school is set up as a classroom would have been in the 19th century.

The rest of the $38,360 approved in 2015 went toward fixing aspects of the building that were in disrepair and making the building historically accurate to the 19th century in the process.

“When we restored, we restored it to what it would have looked like,” he said. Foreign currency exchange rate malaysia “The door was falling apart, the shutters were falling apart and weren’t even there on one side. Currency converter malaysia to usd The windows leaked.”

The restoration was done with the intention of keeping it as historically accurate as possible, so the Hanson-based restoration specialist Gary Naylor didn’t use electric tools, and even used wooden pegs rather than nails and screws.

The green paint on the doors and shutters was a popular color for that time era, Davidson said. 1 malaysian ringgit is equal to how many indian rupee They even have an American flag that would have been accurate to the 19th century, with only 33 stars on it, he said.

The town will be hosting a re-dedication ceremony for the building at 1 p.m. Myr currency converter on Sunday, Oct. Usd convert to malaysian currency 16 at the schoolhouse, on the corner of Careswell and Webster Streets. Malaysian ringgit to japanese yen exchange rate history There will be short dedication speeches and refreshments.