Personal online banking help center – faqs first united bank ok

Our enhanced security is designed to detect changes in behavior that are possible indicators of fraud. First united bank tecumseh ok The system may ask for additional information when the behavior is different. First united bank mckinney tx For example, if you regularly sign onto Online Banking from your personal computer and are now attempting to sign on using a mobile device we may require additional authentication.

1. First united bank in madill ok One-Time Security Code: gives you the choice to receive either a phone call or SMS text message with the code. First united bank ok The phone number used for phone call or text options will be based on the phone numbers on file.

2. First united bank hours Security Questions: we will prompt you to answer a series of questions about yourself, based on public records,

yet private enough that only you will be able to correctly answer the combination of questions asked.

The Accounts Widget displays a list of your available accounts with balances and recent transactions and even allows you to choose which accounts are listed. First united bank sapulpa Here are some tips on how the Accounts Widget can help you:

For additional convenience you can also use the Mega Menu at the top of the Financial Center home page, choose accounts, then click on account activity.

There are different ways merchants (payees) receive payments. First united bank amarillo You should make sure that enough time has elapsed to be sure that the payment isn’t already being processed by the merchant (payee).

If you know they had enough time to process the payment (we would suggest a minimum of 7-10 business days), you can call or email People’s United Bank with the date your payment was made using our bill payment service, and we will immediately start researching as to the cause of the delay.

We will resolve all bill payment problems within 10 business days of your report to us. First united bank and trust routing number In the majority of cases, the merchant has received the People’s United Bank payment and has simply not credited your account as of the time of your initial inquiry or last statement.

At the end of the business day, our banking system reconciles all the transactions on your account and processes all the various types of transactions (Deposits, Withdrawals, Payments, etc.). First united national bank and trust On rare occasions where there are many transactions for our customers, this process may not complete until the early morning on the following day.

As a result, the bill payment debit may actually occur on your account very early the next day. First united bank sanger As long as your account is in good standing and contains enough money to cover your payments, we will not hold back payment to your merchant based on this kind of processing delay.

Before sending payments to your payee, People’s United Bank verifies that your current balance contains enough money (cleared funds) to cover the bill payment. First united bank in lubbock texas During our end of day reconciliation of your accounts and transactions, our system checks your current and available balances to ensure you have the appropriate funds to cover the payment. First united bank colbert ok If funds are not sufficient, our bank representatives will review the payment on the following business day to determine if funds have become available and make the final decision to continue to process or cancel the bill payment.

Please remember to deposit enough available funds into your account to ensure that your payment can be sent on time. First united bank sapulpa ok As always, please allow adequate time for your payment to be received and credited by your merchant.

Depending on the type of payee, your payment will be made electronically (delivered in 1 or 2 business days) or by paper check (estimated delivery in 5 business days). First united bank madill oklahoma Payments requested prior to the 9:00 PM ET cut off time will be scheduled the same day.

Deliver By date- means the date you would like your payment to be delivered to your intended payee. First united national bank Note: this may or may not be the date your payment will be posted by your payee.

Send On date- means the date we will begin the delivery process or the date we will send a request to withdraw funds from your account and begin the delivery process. First united bank sanger tx The Send On date may or may not be the date funds are withdrawn from your account.