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With George Soros running around Eastern Europe trying to make the world safer for capitalism, Druckenmiller, 36, is one of the key people running Quantum Fund. Top 10 hedge funds in the world One of seven managing directors of Soros Fund Management, he is married to Dreyfus manager Fiona Biggs, niece of Morgan Stanley bigwig Barton Biggs. What is a hedge fund manager salary They met while they were both at Pittsburgh National Bank, where he rose from analyst to director of investments in 1980 at the tender age of 27. Hedge fund manager average salary The following year he started Duquesne Capital with just $1 million. How to open hedge fund In 1985, he became a consultant to Dreyfus and lived in New York City two days each week. Hedge fund returns 2016 Moved there full-time when he was named head of the Dreyfus Fund. Hedge fund blog Jumped to Soros

in 1988. Hedge fund technology salary Once dreamed of being an English or economics professor, which explains BAs in both subjects from Bowdoin College. Global macro hedge fund Dropped out of a three-year Ph.D. Morgan stanley hedge fund conference program in economics at University of Michigan in the middle of second semester. Hedge fund operations salary Gambling is in his blood. Hedge fund research Has played poker since he was 11, and is said to have hardly ever lost in college. Hfrx global hedge fund index fact sheet Moved often as a kid, but spend nine years in Richmond, VA.

One of George Soros’s key triggermen, Druckenmiller has a knack for taking big positions at the right time, which contributed heavily to Quantum’s quantum returns. Top activist hedge funds The Dreyfus Corp. Hedge fund strategies pdf veteran also runs Duquesne Capital Management, the investment advisory firm he founded in 1981. Hedge fund sales jobs Family gatherings are a convention of Wall Street smart money. Bridgewater hedge fund salaries Wife Fiona Biggs, who manages the Dreyfus Strategic World Investing fund, is the niece of Morgan Stanley honcho Barton Biggs. What are hedge fund managers Druckenmiller, 39, got his degree in English and economics from Bowdoin College, where he remains an active and valuable alum. Hedge fund group He’s been playing poker since he was 11 years old. How hedge funds make money You’ve been warned.

With George Soros preoccupied with philanthropic activities, the task of minding the Soros shop has increasingly fallen to Stanley Druckenmiller. Hedge fund risk management salary As Soros Fund Management’s chief triggerman, the 40-year-old Park Avenue resident and Hamptons habitue has parlayed his understanding of currency speculation and derivatives into a nine-figure income.

A master of technical and macro strategy, Druckenmiller watches market trends in price and volume to guide his investment decisions. Bloomberg hedge fund rankings His most celebrated series of trades: last fall’s simultaneous long position in deutsche marks and short positions in British pounds and Italian lire. Hedge fund risk Druckenmiller also retains his own sizable money management firm, Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Capital Management, whose Priority partnerships perform in line with Quantum.

When Soros hired Stanley Druckenmiller away from Dreyfus in 1988, he reportedly said, “I think Ive found my clone.” No, he doesnt have a round face or speak with an accent. Hedge fund due diligence questionnaire But he shares Soross global vision and shows the same deftness and steel nerves when trading huge sums in any type of market throughout the world. Hedge fund example Druckenmiller, Soross chief trader, also runs hedge funds on the side, including Priority II, which was up about 75% last year, net of fees, eclipsing even Quantums performance. Managed accounts hedge funds Druckenmillers earnings include his bonus at Soros as well as his share of the gains at Priority, plus realized gains on his own capital. Hedge fund networking Not bad for a guy who got his degree in English and economics from Bowdoin College and enjoyed a short stint as a mutual fund manager at Dreyfus. Hedge fund meaning His recent 41st birthday celebration hardly rivaled last years big bash at his Southampton home, where 125 to 150 guests dined in an enormous tent measuring around 150 feet by 50 feet filled with huge floral bouquets. Citadel hedge fund careers The headline entertainment: The Pointer Sisters. How much does a hedge fund trader make Among the guests: Wall Street 100 luminaries Louis Bacon and Paul Tudor Jones, who arrived on crutches and in foul humor. Hedge fund performance fee calculation example Jones is said to have at one point thrown a coat at one of the Sisters and a drink at the birthday boy.

Last year was a bit humbling for George Soross chief traders. Activist hedge fund Not only did the Soros funds have mixed results, so did the ones Stanley Druckenmiller owns and manages.

Druckenmiller, 42, recently consolidated his 17 or so partnerships and separate accounts into a handful of portfolios. How to become a hedge fund billionaire His Duquesne partnership, with nearly $400 million in assets, was up less than 1% in 1994. Hedge fund activism However, his second largest, Swat, was up about 13%, net of fees. Morgan stanley hedge fund conference 2016 Druckenmiller, a former Dreyfus mutual fund manager, became a money manager legend in the early 1990s when his big bold bets on interest rates and currencies generated sizable returns for Soros. Top hedge fund managers salary He recently purchased a $6 million home in North Palm Beach, Fla. Biggest us hedge funds Thats in addition to a luxury penthouse in New York City and a weekend home on Long Island. Credit hedge fund Druckenmiller occasionally goes hunting at the Maryland estate of fellow Wall Street 100 member Paul Tudor Jones and is a trustee of Joness Robin Hood Foundation.