System won’t let an alibaba rule the market_ pramod saxena website adalah

We have been recasting ourselves into a retail-driven business that would take on services at retail for walk-in customers, support financial inclusion and make banking reach the last mile. Internet marketing specialist job description We separated the retail entity and created a new one for online. Domain internet adalah Apart from mobile wallet, there are a number of other things we do.

Also, we have spent a lot of time in defining the online space. Internet marketing adalah Our core belief is while payment and wallet are important, what is necessary is to create a system where digital payments through wallet primarily or any other digital means can happen.

We are in the process of creating an environment which would be a backbone for all services accessible online, including e-commerce, government payments and financial inclusion.

Search engine optimization techniques pdf This platform could be accessed whether or not one is a wallet subscriber.

In China, there is WeChat; one can browse the environment. Online bibliography We’re building a somewhat similar environment, to create and connect with all service providers, who can be accessed by customers on a chat platform, with all functionalities of WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn, including enterprise solutions. Online marketing definition pdf It is a unique feature we are developing and wallet would be a payment gateway for services.

We are looking at taking a WeChat-like approach and working with some companies which have the platform and eco-system to support that. What is google search engine optimization We are not reinventing the wheel.

The Indian market is huge. What is online marketing what are its advantages and disadvantages We are talking about almost a trillion dollars worth of transactions. Internet marketing company in india The need for financial inclusion is large and no single entity can meet this requirement. Forum internet marketing Also, I do not think this government or any system would allow an Alibaba or someone (similar) to come and rule the market. Fungsi modem adalah That is not going to happen. Free wikipedia dictionary So, there is scope for play for a number of players.

I think Alibaba’s approach is different. Internet adalah It has to fight its battle with Amazon. Online bibliography apa Their main goal is to enter e-commerce and they will be competing there. Define internet marketing When it comes to payments, India has not been a country where one or two can do it all. What is search engine optimization techniques There would be a lot of other players in the fray.

I do not see Alipay or Alibaba as a threat. Definition of internet marketing They’re actually helping, by putting in a lot of money. Fungsi manajemen adalah Even if it has gone down the drain, it has helped in educating the market.

At one point you had the first-mover advantage. Fungsi email adalah You are talking about setting up an eco-system now but Paytm and Freecharge have already done it.

When we started early, we created the physical eco-system of 200,000 access points across the country, which the competition does not have. Why internet marketing That is our advantage. Meaning of internet marketing The competition is now seeing the need for omni-channel. Internet marketing advice It is tougher to create a physical connect than it is to do online. Internet marketing manager definition While many others have done things more on online, we have a more omni-channel approach.

If the pecking order is in terms of transactions, we are much ahead of Paytm and Freecharge. Chicago internet marketing We do around 60 million transactions a month. Internet marketing search engine optimization Our gross transaction value was Rs 12,000 crore last year and it is all customer money, not ours. Web marketing specialist job description This year, we will do close to Rs 15,000 crore.

In the offline business, we have been profitable for four years. Internet marketing service providers That is why we have separated offline, as online does need more investment. What is a internet marketing manager We have done that but not of the order or magnitude the competition has. What is search engine optimization marketing We believe that while Paytm or Alipay invests an additional billion dollars, we will get cash- positive or break-even in our online business in three years. Atlanta internet marketing This is year one.

In offline this year, we have Ebitda (operating earnings) of Rs 33 crore in our other transaction business. Internet marketing service Our business approach is to create a solid foundation, supporting business, and not be dependent on investor money alone.

We are bringing in two sets of funding, one for offline and the other for online. Online marketing agency nz These are both strategic partners. Search engine optimization services usa Our expansions are continuing, we have around 25 million wallets. Online marketing agency australia In fact, in our online business, we have a revenue stream that generates a positive bottom line. Search engine optimization pdf free download This is the reason why in online business we have a negative of $3 million and a positive of $3 billion in other businesses. Online marketing specialist salary So, we have not bled cash this year.