Top 10 b2b marketing trends for 2017 make up a ‘digital mesh,’ report suggests _ marketing _ the drum search engine optimization ppt free download

A digital mesh focuses on people and the Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, the Gartner report suggests as well as the information and services that these endpoints access. Internet marketing service With capabilities such as blockchains, distributed ledgers and digital twins, it is possible now to bring the physical and digital realms ever closer to supporting digital business initiatives, the report notes.

The report indicates that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can inject intelligence into new and existing apps that make up part of the digital mesh.

“Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future. Online marketing agency nz Rich digital services will be delivered to everything, and intelligence will be embedded in everything behind the scenes. Search engine optimization services usa We call

this mesh of people, devices, content and services the intelligent digital mesh,” the reports’ analysts note. Online marketing agency australia “It’s enabled by digital models, business platforms and a rich intelligent set of services to support digital business.”

The report also notes that AI-enabled user and entity behavior analytics; and new architecture, methods and tools to address IoT and intelligent digital mesh security will improve digital security. Search engine optimization pdf free download .

Additionally, the report suggests that enterprise architecture and technology innovation should be a long term strategy. Online marketing specialist salary Leaders should use enterprise architecture to master emerging and strategic trends through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and continuous/contextual user experiences to radically change the way people interact with systems.

The report sees opportunity to create new systems that require AI and machine learning, and showcase their intelligent feature systems and augment existing apps and use cases to apply AR/VR, support IoT initiatives, and embrace blockchains and distributed ledgers.

The report embraces ‘intelligence everywhere’, and explores a range of topics including how data science technologies and approaches are evolving to include advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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