What’s more important than search results position in driving clicks_ why internet marketing

It’s no secret that product descriptions shown at the top of search results listings perform better than those for adjacent items. What is local internet marketing That top-left corner of e-commerce pages is such a coveted slot that a whole industry has grown up to optimize listings to achieve these spots.

But what if I told you the top-left wasn’t the be-all and end-all, and that engagement with products was about more than just the position on a page?

We recently partnered with food company General Mills and research outfit Clavis Insight, the industry leader for online store analytics, to better understand what influences consumers’ engagement with listings—and the results surprised us.

We asked consumers to act on mocked-up Amazon search results for “granola bar,” measuring intent to buy based

on testers who either added items to cart or clicked back to the home page. Internet marketing specialist job description We measured both purchase conversion and, using our eye-tracking system, what we call “branding seconds” —the amount of time consumers spent looking at an image.

The findings were both predictable and counterintuitive. Domain internet adalah On the one hand, we found top-left performance certainly does draw eyes and, therefore, clicks to products displayed there.

But the findings go beyond that. Internet marketing adalah When we took away this placement bias, by showing repeated mock-ups in which individual products were served in every possible listings slot, we got deeper under the hood. Search engine optimization techniques pdf On average, it takes users just eight seconds, from seeing a product listing, to decide between either buying or rejecting—and images turn out to be more important than descriptive text.

Because of the speed in which images can make an impact with a consumer, a powerful image can easily trump a poor listing position. Online bibliography Upon testing all of our hypothetical granola bars, we found that some outperformed overall, regardless of where they were positioned on the page—showing that some brands with powerful images can expect to perform well even if they don’t have the coveted top-left or top-center positioning.

Images do more than confirm what a product is. Online marketing definition pdf Shoppers use images ahead of text in order to make purchase decisions quickly. What is google search engine optimization When it comes to gaining visibility in product listings, image matters. What is online marketing what are its advantages and disadvantages In particular, we found that photos of opened granola wrappers, partially exposing the chewy treat within, performed better—getting noticed 20% to 25% faster, even when they were not served in that illustrious top-left zone.

These findings are brand new, and the consequence may be game-changing—it means that it is possible for a brand to perform well, no matter their advertisement positioning. Internet marketing company in india it’s possible to make the best of a poor listing. Forum internet marketing In other words, every product has its sweet spot, if only marketers can craft the right presentation.

This fact applies to more than just granola bars. Fungsi modem adalah We have seen similar results across product categories like pet food and personal hygiene. Free wikipedia dictionary So what ingredients make the difference?

First, it’s time to de-learn received sales and marketing wisdom. Internet adalah There is more to e-commerce placement than just using a box thumbnail as your product shot. Online bibliography apa Boxes are rightly important influencers of consumer behavior, but they were designed to call out from physical retail shelves, not online marketplace indexes. Define internet marketing Online, lazy use of box shots can mean a loss of critical detail and a failure to make an impact. What is search engine optimization techniques There are huge gains to be made from considering the context in which your product is being surfaced. Definition of internet marketing Not enough people are doing so today, they are just re-using the same old strategy.

So what works better? Eye-tracking studies show that to gain users’ visual engagement, brands must ensure their content pops and contrasts against everything else on the virtual shelf.

The intrinsic design of a product package is still massively influential. Fungsi manajemen adalah But there is more than this. Fungsi email adalah Chances are, a half-opened granola bar or a can of dog food being devoured by a cute pooch leap out at users more than the glut of identical thumbnails. Why internet marketing This is what motivates heightened visual engagement, even for products that are surfaced in positions reckoned to be poor attention drivers.

It pays to be different. Meaning of internet marketing Alternative colors or a clean design which pares back on clutter all drive greater visual engagement and thus a greater chance of purchase. Internet marketing advice So long as your thumbnails are different or provoke an emotional response, you can overturn fortune and win unexpected reward, even when dealt a poor hand by search result ranks.

It doesn’t stop there. Internet marketing manager definition Now that we know we can prove the differential, we can advise brands to test for visual engagement before they release their products on the web, taking the guesswork and pain out of their ecommerce analytics.

Based on these findings, the rules of the game are simple—shoppers rely on images when making a purchase decision. Chicago internet marketing While search placement is important, powerful images can break through to grab shoppers’ attention first. Internet marketing search engine optimization Don’t just rely on your shelf packaging to make an impact.