Why amazon or flipkart can’t survive by cheating customers how to make money online for beginners

To know the difference between two e-commerce vendors, suggests an online buyer, one must have accounts with both for a firsthand experience. How do make money online You have bought products from two shops and let’s say you have a problem with them. How to make money online buying and selling Let’s assume these shops are Flipkart and Amazon. How to make extra money from home Let’s look at their customer service portals at Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.

What is the difference? Flipkart’s CSP reads: “Hey, Welcome! Do you have a problem? Check out our exhaustive list of known issues, browse through it, break your head and if you feel you don’t find your problem on that list, write us an email. How to make money internet marketing We will get back to you.”

Amazon’s CSP reads: “Hey Welcome! Here is your list

of orders. How can i make money online from home Now if you may please tell for which order you are having an issue, we can directly talk about that and solve it here right away! The available communication modes are email, callback and chats. I need to make money online now Choose the one you prefer.”

Wow, that’s great! You see the difference. Easy way to earn money online without investment in pakistan People are always at ease when solving their issues with Amazon all these days. Ways to make money online in canada Does that answer the question?

As far as today’s e-commerce world goes, customer satisfaction is the one and most primary concern. How do you make money online People say when it comes to the problem, you can vouch for Amazon’s service. How to start a blog and make money online They are doing their best.

One customer writes, today I was dissatisfied after a chat with Amazon’s customer care and gave them a poor rating. Quick easy ways to make money online This is what they have to offer to a dissatisfied customer — he says he is still happy.

“Thanks. How to get money on gta 5 online xbox 360 We have received your feedback. Make money online fast and free no scams Please give us another chance to help you. Make money online today Click the button below to provide your phone number. How to make a lot of money online for free You will be asked to provide a phone number when you can be reached and a customer service representative will call to assist you in a few minutes. How to make easy money online fast Please turn off pop-up blockers. Make money online playing games for free If not near a phone, send us an email.”

Amazon claims to be the most customer-centric organisation in the world and many bet it still puts the customer at the centre of everything and designs its processes backwards. How to make money online gta 5 It has worked the best for them, whereas Flipkart appears to focus on the price and sales volume — not focusing really on customer-centric data gathering — for instance, the number of dissatisfied customers during the Big Billion Day sales.

No online portal appears able enough to beat Amazon at the e-battlefield of Elba as far as customer service goes. How to make money from online magazine A customer dissatisfied with some products delivered by Amazon reports that he returned all such merchandise and got the refund for his returned products, no questions asked. How to make free money online no surveys He says I never lied to them and they never cheated me – a win-win for both. Ways to make money online as a teenager True! Amazon’s money-refunded-for-returned-goods-no-questions-asked is the best part of the story.

In contrast, another customer reports having had a bad experience with Amazon for the last 10 days. Make money online right now for free He says a mobile phone he ordered never got delivered. How can i earn money online from home in india Each time he reached them, the customer service said they would send him updates, yet they had no idea where his product was, when it would reach him, reasons for delay, et al. How to make money online as a kid for free Things have not changed even though he escalated the issue to Amazon managing director Jeff Bezos and India head Amit Agarwal.

The worst part, he says, is that the mobile phone he was to gift his mother on her 60th birthday — over 10 days ago — never arrived. How to make a lot of money fast online Never had I encountered this issue with Flipkart, no wonder they are the best in the country in terms of mobile phone delivery says the irate customer. How to make money online with google He says, when even the heads are not bothered, would the others care? Don’t buy anything from Amazon, it is not what it used to be in the past, he pronounces, unequivocally.

A shop owner reports as the dealer on both platforms. How to earn money online from home without investment The primary difference between Amazon and Flipkart is their concept of business ethics and dignity.

Flipkart undoubtedly fails on both these fronts. Make money online right now Business ethics is, of course, a serious concern there. Make money online today for free In addition, Flipkart is a company with a clerical operational approach, not a management-oriented one while Amazon is stunningly supportive of sellers, transparent in its dealings, efficient, and pleasantly professional. Make money online playing games Flipkart is opaque all around. How to make money from home fast free Some of the shortcomings reported by the dealer:

Flipkart’s top management is bullheaded and if you don’t have motivated sellers and are a drop ship marketplace, your imagination will run dry and you can go wrong, say the traders.

Amazon, at the same time, the traders say, has clear business codes: no loving, caring, sharing. How to make money online in india Pure, balanced trade. How make money online fast That’s professionalism and as per our experience, US companies know that best.

Some say they prefer Flipkart over Amazon while others believe otherwise. Fast and easy ways to make money online free But mere big billion, big day sales are not enough. Make money online fast and free These e-commerce giants should evolve good ethical principles of marketing and customer care.

It will be a sad day when customers of the e-commerce marketplace have no choice. Best way to make money online fast and free So far so good. How make money fast online There is no sign yet of Flipkart going under, but there is an inevitability to Amazon’s overpowering growth, which already showed the uptick in the great sale for reasons best known to the Indian customer – the ultimate king.

Try hard as they might by taking turns in selling churan and hing, neither Flipkart, nor Snapdeal – not even Amazon can hope to become the king.