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Oh, boy! Who among you guys waited with bated breath and eager anticipation for the start of the Manila International Auto Show 2016 which opened its doors last April 7, 2016? I know I was one of ‘em.

Every year, for just a couple of days here in the Philippines, all roads (pun intended!) lead to the Manila International Auto Show. How interest on car loan is calculated This annual event which is co-presented by BPI Family Savings Bank, never fails to mount a spectacular showcase of automobiles that draws not just car aficionados but even common folk who are simply looking to get their own brand new vehicle


If you think the Manila International Auto Show is merely a venue to display and flaunt these beautiful (and very expensive) luxury cars and supercars, think again. Interest on car loan in hdfc bank While you get to see a good number of these badboys on display, guests and visitors are also given the opportunity to see some of the latest models of automobiles being sold in the Philippine market. Rate of interest on car loan kotak mahindra bank The Manila International Auto Show 2016 (as with its previous iterations) actually presents the perfect opportunity for individuals or families to scour around for the kind of dream car that will fit their needs.

My advice is to stop dreaming and start acting on it by heading over to BPI Family Savings Bank and apply for a BPI Family Auto Loan. Lowest interest on car loan in india It’s easier than you think.

In fact, during the Manila International Auto Show 2016, I even saw people flocking over to the BPI Family Auto Loan booth. Lowest rate of interest on car loans in india I wasn’t surprised at all. Calculate interest on car loan payments It was actually a great opportunity for visitors to realize how easy it actually is to get a brand new car.

I dropped by the BPI Family Auto Loan booth and spent a few minutes inquiring as well. Rate of interest on car loan sbi 2014 They offered great advice and presented really affordable and flexible financing solutions. Interest on car loan income tax I was actually impressed by how the wonderful folks of BPI Family Auto Loan took the time to really answer people’s concerns, considering the kind of investment loan applicants are putting into the purchase.

BPI Family Auto Loan actually makes applying even easier by providing you and me with an online loan calculator which can be found at BPILoans.com.

This eliminates all the guesswork and gives you an idea about your monthly payments, loan terms and downpayment options, based on car brands and models which are included on the site’s comprehensive list.

Apart from that, BPI Family Auto Loan takes ease and convenience a step further by including on the site a 60-second loan pre-qualification tool. Current interest rates on car loans used This allows users to check their readiness to take on an Auto Loan, and one that matches his/her funding capacity. Interest rates on car loans with low credit scores It’s actually pretty cool!

There’s no better time to get that dream car of yours through financing than now. Interest rate on car loan with 550 credit score Why? Because interest rates remain low. Interest rates on car loans 2013 So, I’d get right to it if I were you.

Visit BPI Family Savings Bank and apply for a BPI Family Auto Loan now. Interest rate car loan 600 credit score It’s about time we all realize that dream cars do not have to merely reside in our dreams forever.

BPI Family Savings Bank is the Philippine market leader in auto loans, growing at a pace faster than that of the Philippine automotive industry. Interest rate car loan 650 credit score The BPI Family Auto Loan makes buying a car fast, easy and convenient through its competitive market rates, promotional discounts and other unique offers. Interest rate on car loan with 660 credit score It is the country’s only auto loan product that offers a three to eight-hour turnaround time. Interest rate on car loan with 630 credit score Prospective car buyers may easily apply for a loan at more than 800 BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide and at over 300 partner auto dealerships in the country. Interest rate car loan 700 credit score Leave your comments